The company is implementing the project entitled "Construction of the research and development laboratory of the company CFT Precyzja Sp z o.o."


The project is co-financed under the Operational Program Smart Growth, Priority Axis 2 Support for the environment and potential of enterprises to conduct R&D activities, Action 2.1. Support for investments in R&D infrastructure of enterprises.

The assumption of the project is to increase the research and development potential of the company CFT Precyzja Sp z o.o.

CFT Precyzja is implementing an investment project related to the development of the existing Research and Development Department in the company. The construction of a facility, purchase of advanced research infrastructure, and increase in the employment of research staff will enable the launch of further research projects aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the company CFT Precyzja. As part of the project, a separate R&D facility will be established, equipped with, among others, a test tunnel, a locksmith's workstation with a sample warehouse, a ballistic laboratory, and an analytical department.

Project objectives:

  • The possibility of shortening the projected system dedicated to specific customer conditions (e.g., thickness and type of base sheet, shooting according to special requirements) from 4-7 weeks to 1-2 weeks – including sample preparation and ballistic tests.
  • Validation of the MES database for all materials used in the ballistic scope The ability to conduct ballistic tests for customers in the form of samples, selected structures, and entire vehicles weighing up to 6-8 tons using a movable rotating platform.
  • Execution of shooting from a distance of 30m.
  • Tests performed in accordance with NIJ and STANAG 4569 standards (including up to level IV 14.5x114mm API/B-32).
  • ISO 17025 certification.
  • Supervision, evaluation, and possibility of cooperation in the field of new materials for ballistic purposes.