Artillery Quadrants

Unique in Poland and in the world, highly specialized and professional service of manufacturing and renovation, modernization and calibration of various types of artillery quadrants – also individual, single items.

Gunner quadrant M1 is a mechanical measuring device. It is used for measuring angles in the vertical plane (barrel tilt) and verifying the accuracy of a gun’s viewfinder indications.
Scaled by the index angle scale of 6400 in the range of 0 to 1600 mils NATO i.e. from 0° to 45° and 45°-90°. The accuracy of the device is +/- 0.5mils i.e. 3375'.
The quadrant is manufactured of metal by means of machining techniques. It consists of a frame, a scale and a slider (radial arm) with a level vial (spirit level). The frame is in the shape of an irregular pentagon with a coarse scale arc toothed inside.
Shoes to set the instrument on the barrel mount; the level vial (bubble) in the body transversal setting indicates its vertical orientation.