Ballistic shields

Designed and manufactured in accordance with the standards of NIJ 0108.01, NATO STANAG 4569, EN1063, EN1522/23, VPAM

For military, police, protective applications in transport (armoured cars, VIP cars, helicopters, airplanes, ships), airports, banks, facilities etc.

The basic advantages of CFT’s ballistic shields are: exemplary strength, extremely low weight(one of the lightest on the market and attractive visual aspects).

CFT Precyzja continuously conducts research works to develop increasingly powerful solutions in the area of ballistic protection. The company has conceived a number of unique and innovative solutions, all of which have successfully passed relevant certification tests in the most renowned European institutes such as Beschussamt Mellrichstadt (Germany) and Banc National d'Epreuve in Saint Etienne.

In addition, the company develops research projects commissioned by national institutes and scientific centres (e.g. Military Institute of Armament Technology) allowing to gain unique experience in the design and production of ballistic shields.

Company also designs and manufactures protective shields according to requirements and guidelines of customers, and CFT’s proposed solutions always undergo appropriate certification by independent entities, confirming the outstanding quality of the product.

ADD-ON Composite Armour

Product Norm Base Plate Thickness(mm) Weight(kg/m2)
Comfitech 4L2 STANAG 4569, Poziom 2 Armox 500, 4mm 12 31
Comfitech 4L2 Ultra STANAG 4569, Poziom 2 Armox 500, 4mm 12 27
Comfitech 6L3 STANAG 4569, Poziom 3 Armstal 500, 6mm 16 54
Comfitech 6L3 Ultra STANAG 4569, Poziom 3 Armstal 500, 6mm 16 45
Comfitech 4V10 VPAM 10 Armox 500, 4mm 13 40
Comfitech 4V10 Ultra VPAM 10 Armox 500, 4mm 13 34

STAND ALONE Composite Armour

Product Norm Thickness(mm) Weight(kg/m2)
Comfitech B7* EN1063, EN1522/23 B7 20 44
Comfitech B7* Ultra EN1063, EN1522/23 B7 20 38
Comfitech L2 STANAG 4569, Poziom 2 18 40
Comfitech L2 Ultra STANAG 4569, Poziom 2 18 34
Comfitech L3 STANAG 4569, Poziom 3 28 68
Comfitech L3 Ultra STANAG 4569, Poziom 3 28 58

* Ballistic resistance also proven for:

  • 7.62 x 39 BZ
  • 7.62 x 39 AP NORINCO