Engineering drawings on the table. The workflow design.



Preparing comprehensive technical documentation to provided models / sample products;

Developing projects and designs for entirely new products and devices;

R&D and Technology Department equipped with advanced CAD/CAM/PDM software:

• Product designing and review prior to production - Autodesk Inventor

• Creating CAM programs for CNC machines – Edge CAM;

Laboratory confirmation of any service results

Strict quality control of manufactured and processed products;

Professional laboratory equipped, among others, with:

  • Coordinate Measuring Machine ABERLINK AXIOM (600x500x400)
  • Hardness gauges
  • Gagemakers - device for internal and external thread measuring
  • Roughness gauges
  • Microscopes - for very precise measurements

Galvanic and heat treatment, bending

Electroplating (phosphating, zinc and nickel plating, anodizing, oxidizing, blackening, chrome plating etc.)

Heat treatment (hardening, quenching, normalizing, annealing, tempering etc.);

Bending metal sheets.