CFT Precyzja is a modern entity offering products and services of top class quality.
Together with our customers, we can meet the most demanding challenges.
Join us in our film travel through our company.

Quality Policy

Following closely the principles of our Quality Policy is the mission of the whole CFT’s team.
Our goal is to achieve highest quality standards through implementation and continuous improvement our products and services.


KON. NR B-050/2006


AQAP 2120
ISO 9001


ISO 14001
ISO 18001
ISO 27001


C F T PRECYZJA Sp. z o.o.
ul. Polna 6, 05-152 Czosnów

Tel. +48 22/ 785-10-57
Fax +48 22/ 785-10-19

e-mail sekretariat@cft-precyzja.pl
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